Hi guys!.

I have one idea that could be useful to everyone and in every way.

You could do a HTSL-TECH TIP on SYNTHESIZING DRUMS with Operator or Analog or any other software. That way be could learn how to make a kick drum, snare, open and close hit-hats, claps and other percs from scratch!!!.

Opinions and supports to this idea? :smiley:



i think this is an important part of sound design and some basic’s that we should all really what to know.

i don’t know if i would ever use this though to be fair as i have all the percussion sounds, kick, snare that i ever want and would not really spend much time making something that i already have.

but again if you know how to make them and what they involve it also makes things easier when it comes to fitting them in the mix.

That’s right.

Maybe someone doesn’t need to create his how drum kit because he prefers to use samples and that’s great. As you said, the thing is that if you fully understand were the sound came from, how’s made of and which parameters you should change to modify it and create a new one is a great tool to mix, get a better sound and also use the imagination to syntehsize new and original ones.

Someone should make that tutorial, please :).

have to agree with emi, this tutorial would be good. On this point where would i get good percussion wav samples i could use for ableton in impulse. I am just startin to produce and i have found this where any tunes i have produced are a bit ****e:)