HTSL, the future and listening to the subscribers

[quote]hindsite (05/08/2010)[hr][quote]ICN (04/08/2010)[hr]Personally - Does not matter whatDAW the Tuts are in.
reading your my space tag that statement is quite ironic:D[/quote]

Sincerely, please explain that, seeing that I’ve said that I dont give 2 sh!tes what DAW I see anything in… :smiley:

I could write anything in my myspace tag… Pick something random?

Surely we take cues from what is actually being said rather than being perceived?


hi guys, we will be releasing in all different platforms from now on, including ableton.

so you will get your fix!

Good Stuff - Thanks Bryan

[quote]ICN (05/08/2010)[hr]Good Stuff - Thanks Bryan[/quote]

no bother, we are aiming to have all DAW’s covered from now on so as not to exclude anyone. and it shouldn’t have a massive effect on what we are releasing.

it will give everyone a chance to see how things are done in different DAW’s and by watching the cross platform versions you can also see how easy / hard it is to do a particular thing in each DAW. - eventually you will be able to port your knowledge from on DAW to another without much thought

[quote]bryan spence (05/08/2010)[hr]…without much thought[/quote]

Handy!! :wink: :slight_smile: