***htsl - the prodigy - now available***

HTSL The Prodigy is over an hour of video on how to make some serious ravey break beats and dirty basses and leads.

8 Videos in Total!

Head over to our Subscribers Video Section to check it out!

non subscribers can check out the intro video!

I want to personally be the first to chime in on this one. Phil, you are a f’ing monster! This is why you have been so quiet lately! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m on this like a mofo right now!



Phil and Bry have committed to competing on who does better tutorials…



Really busy at the moment but looking forward to checking out this bad boy!

I’m sure it’s been well worth the wait.

:smiley: WOW !!! Even better than the Original !!!

Thanks for this amazing Prodigy Style Tutorial and for the 2 Freeeware asskicking Toolz !! Anybody needs a 303 ? :hehe:

cheers chris

Phil thank u so much, I cant believe that !!! incredible awesome stuff !

this is exactly that knowledge i am looking for such a long time !!

i cannot believe that anyone says that the tutorials are getting worse … thats really strange. everyone who is into production must wet themselves for such a great new approach of doing that kind of stuff…

Phil u are really a production genius - thank u for putting such detail and love into that project !!

Cheers and I am so stoked about the intro right now that I def. cant wait to figure out how each part was made !


This tutorial absolutely rocked! Im extremely impressed! Looks like you guys got a plan together! This is super top notch stuff!


it really is the best tutorial so far sounds fantastic and almost died laughing when i heard those lyrics

do you actually sing

“a london accent is essential, you also have to sound a little bit mental”

class total class

haha yeah thats me putting on a london accent and trying my best to sound mental

This is totally great stuff.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

I find myself grinning from ear to ear as I watch the tutorials of how this sound is accomplished.

Once again Phil - an amazing tutorial with new techniques that we haven’t seen before such as the parallel compression.


could you recommend any particular drum hits packs to work with phil.

been trying to mix real drums with synth drums, BFD is great but my collection of house kick just aint cutting it.


thats good for the live sounding stuff… speed it up for some good D&B sounds

Cheers Phil yet another top notch tutorial.:cool:

Looking forward to trying the various new tricks presented.

nice one sonic academy brilliant tutorial !:smiley:

Good work dude, I’m most annoyed all my kit is in boxes at the moment, I can’t wait to try some of this mentalness out

you doing it again phil sweet tutorial keep it up :slight_smile:

cheers david

gotta chime in with the others – great, great tutorial. got a lot of ideas to use in other tracks within these videos, and loving the rocking bass sounds!

Thanks Phil. That was my first tutorial on the site…nice work. Very easy to follow.