HTSL Timbaland / Urban

Ok so first up, lets just point out I’m not a fan of Urban music at all.

The reason for this thread really is because i’ve recommended various people to this website, and some of those people have been more interested in producing urban music.

Now i know a lot of people here are like me and arn’t much of a fan of it, but Sonic’s a business, and any business is good business.

I know there are a lot of people out there that want to produce this genre and being an awesome site that Sonic is, it would be a shame to not see those people also catered for. For instance today is another time I’ve suggested this site to a guy who wants to learn to produce music… but again is wanting to produce Urban.

Now i chose Timbaland because lets face it, we can all agree on one thing… Timbaland is a SH*T HOT producer.

If there was to be a tut on Urban stuff, then why not cover one of the (if not THE best??) Urban producers out there?

I’m sure there would be something to learn anyways, even for those of us who arn’t into producing this stuff. I have to admit i’ve heard a few Timbaland productions and been impressed with stuff he’s done.

So what do you all think? Try to vote fair, this isn’t really a question as to whether YOU want a Urban tut or not, it’s more for the basis of Sonic catering for another market out there and there-for getting more business.

Lets all take our time to remember this thread here, where it was mentioned we nearly lost Sonic Academy completely! : [url=][/url]

I know I for one would be devistated if we ever lost SA, so if there is any way for the company to create money to keep going, i’m all for it, regardless of my personal musical preferences.

i think dance music is sonic’s strength so they should utilize on that!!

not too sure if an urban tut would boost sonics subscription packages??

or if it would even be any good??

but then again, sonic are the boys and i’ll stick with any choice they make!!!

nice to see how much ya care roben. legend!!

keep it up guys!!

Cheers George, sure I see your point about Sonic but there has been some instances of ‘live’ based production (see remixing tuts) as well as DnB tuts and requested dubstep tuts which i guess can be argumented as to whether they’re classed as ‘dance’.

End of the day, anything that helps SA get more business is a good thing imo, and there is always something for everyone to learn from every genre / style, regardless of preference.

Anyways the suggestions there, it’s not going to make a diff to me if we have the tut or not, was mostly ‘food for thought’ :slight_smile:

Has to be no Rob. Apologies.

I would honestly hate all the rubbish hip hop ill(iterate) text speak & nonsense about Ice, B!tches, Rims, Remy and the like… that you’d get on the forums. We’re bad enough!! Haha!

See some HH Production Forums, and its like a load of 2 year olds on it. I’ve seen the future - and its BAD.

Keep 'em away for as long as possible!  

Might not be able to forever of course, but if I could hit the stop button & shoot up the controls to put the idea out of operation… I would :hehe:

Sorry again Mate :slight_smile:

haha you can’t judge everyone in what they listen too to be like that, but i see your point :laugh: