HTSL - Trentemoller/Bop please


Would anyone be up for a HTSL for either or both these guys? The Bop sound is pretty cool, minimal D&B is not something I would have thought of but he’s got a great way of using D&B rhythms without them overpowering the track.

Here you go - YouTube link for those that haven’t heard his stuff.


yeahh i think a tutorial of this genera would be nice !!

yeah I’m a massive fan of Mollers stuff, but I think a good deep house tutorial would cover this - I know a lot of the stuff is already int he tech house Tut but even so, it’d be really nice to have a more soulful tipped tutorial building on that.

Trentemoller is one of my favorite producers of the decade. Defo think something touching of what he does would be great. His sounds are quite simple, using basic korg/moog synth settings, but it’s the atmospheres and melodies that’s hard to replicate.

I’d defo vote to hear a HTSL tut based on this, as I think it’d benefit every genre.