HTSL: Tutorial on Sample Manipulation

Hey gang!

   It’s been brought to my attention that sample manipulation is a hot item right now. I’ve got various techniqes that I use within Ableton like adjusting start points, slicing to midi, and whatnot, but think it would be a real banger to have a tut, or even tech tip on how to really manipulate samples. Getting them sounding clean and useable. Prime example is the use of samples in Fidget. I think a proper tut in slicing, dicing, time stretching, etc. would serve everyone of ALL genres well. This should be a fairly easy one to put together too for the tutors. Could even go a further step and explain techniques using vocal samples/timing. Anyone else think that this is a valuable tool?


yea i think that would be a great tech tip

+1 :D:D:D

I think a good start would be studying ur sequencer Manual. i  think

You seen that video on youtube on how to make ‘smack my bitch up’? It’s sample heaven that! Give that a whirl if you haven’t already, should give you some good tips on sampling.

Otherwise, +1



Also if this got made would be nice to have a lil section about copyright laws. How to get round them, what they are ect. Be the worst thing ever to make a great track with a sick sample then get sued for it!

now you see to me this would take about 5000 hours to show this on video, there are so many ways that a sample can be manipulated that we would be hear still watching the videos when we are 60 lol.

anyway i think a video based around common “current” or “popular” at the moment ways to manipulate samples would be good