Htsl yourself

hi guys first I want to say your prog house tutorial is amazing it sounds exactly like a jerome isma ae production :slight_smile: .now for this topic:me and certainly many people are trying to create their own style of music.this htsl tutorials are great to learn technical things and sounds and ideas but in my point of view we should´nt just copy the style of someone but take inspiration to create our own style of I think of an HOW TO SOUND LIKE - YOURSELF tutorial . a tutorial where you guys give us some hints and tips for us to create our own edm style sound.waiting a reply.stay well:D

i think SA does a great job in a technical way of teaching you what constitute a Genere with examples . to create an original track usually takes alot of work from your part.putting everything you learned from a tutorial in a track is hard and takes time to do it . but it is very posible. most of the tutorials that i follow i create a variation and i dont exactly follow step by step . ( this is a tutorial i made from the Dubstep tutorial )but just as an example i wanted to post this tutorial i followed. i am not Dub Step DJ or Producer and i think my track doesnt sound like the real Dub Step stuff but its close enough .

June step by Aline_Nunez

If you notice it just follows the tutorials but with the synthesis and arrangement a litle different from the original. so in this way i create a originall track following a tutorial

hopefully this helps

i quite like the idea but not sure how it would work!!!

it would be cool tho!

This is a cool idea, I’d be happy to do it if enough ppl are interested. (wont be a vid tho)