Hurry hurry read read read this!

Hey guys… I stumbled on this this weekend and EVERYONE SHOULD GRAB IT UP! It’s an exteme voice designer made by Anteres(the same people that make Autotune) called Mutator. Anyways its $10 for a short time. the normal price is normally $149. Grab one up. I did.

The only thing that I dont like is that you have to get something called an iLok to house the serial numbers. Aside from that its a killer deal.

Sorry…forgot the link.

looks cool except the need for ilok, i don’t know if the do harddrive authorization .

good find

Even with the iLok purchase, its still a killer deal.

yeah totally agree. just mentioned the ilok thing in case people missed it.

plus to be fair i think ilok is the future of protection devices and we we all end needing one eventually.

WTF is an iLok and how do i get one of those? How much?

Would be a good deal if i didn’t have to fart arse about with some iLok thingie lol.

ok dont worry, just realised its a dongle.

It’s a bit silly, wont that cost a bit?

I’ll just wait for AIR to do something about that iLok bollox…

don’t know if anyone knows where to get them cheaper

A froogle search usually does the job:


Shame i’m broke this week :frowning: