I am a beatboxer and I am looking for the perfect music program

Hello people of Sonic Academy!

I am a beatboxer, and I am trying to find a recording software that allows me to record, add effects to those sounds, and drag and drop like Magix Music Maker. I tried using FL Studio, which is a great program, but is seriously complicated, full of mainly effect menus that do so much more than others. You can just get lost in the amount of them, and its too much for what I’m looking for. Audacity is great, but that’s too small, and crowded. I use Audacity already, and I used Magix with it, but it just messed up my sounds when I imported them to Magix.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Sounds like Ableton Live would be the ticket

You can try out a trial - www.ableton.com

also take a look at out intro course to get you started

Okay, now one question about Ableton…

I used Magix like I said, and I loved the fact that you could use effects, there wasn’t so much that you were lost (like FL) but enough that you could work with and still create something awesome.
Like, the kind of music I want to create, is dubstep techno music. All I really need is effects for my vocals so they don’t sound so…human and plain. Does Ableton have effects that you can add to your voice?

Yeah Ableton has a some good effects for voice… no autotune… but good overdrives, delays etc.

You can also use 3rd part plugins with all the DAWS so something like Izotope Vocal Synth Might be interesting for you.

Thank you. I have the 30 day free trial, and if I like it after 30 days, I’ll buy it.