I am looking for MIDI files with trance drums

Hello. I am looking for MIDI files with trance drums in every trance variety. No WAV, no loops, no samples, only MIDI. Anyone seen, heard can recommend? Best regards.

Hey there @QbO

Honestly I think it’s gonna be quite difficult to find that kind of specific content online, most of the sound pack creators & resellers are offering full packs with samples & loops and Midi is something extra in general. It’s true that there’s also exclusive Midi packs but then it’s more dealing with melodies & chords progression than drums.

I know that Sonic Academy has got a specific Trance Pack in their Ultimate Drums bundle ( you can get each pack separately and it contains some Midi patterns as well as Ultrabeat & Ableton Live DrumRack kits.

You’ll find the bundle here and if you scroll through the page you’ll be able to purchase the Trance Pack only.

S.A will soon be launching their Black Friday sale, so it could be on sale as well in a few day, stay tune with their social medias and make sure you’re receiving their emails from your account Email Preferences

Hi @QbO. The Drumsynth 500 VST, currently on sale for $9.99 contains 500 midi drum patterns. Analog Techno Drums from Electronic Sound Lab also comes with some 49 drum patterns. Drum Depot by Marco Scherer (Drum Depot) also has midi drum patterns included with some of their packs. Hope that this is of some value and please do share if you find any decent Trance drum patterns.