I baght the subscrition

Hey guys

I baught the subscrition but

  1. I dont see other sections in the ofum

  2. http://www.sonicacademy.com/site/courses.aspx?catid=163 i still see: SUBSCRIBE TO BECOME A SONIC INSIDER TODAY!<br>

    Please fix this A.S.A.P

your videos are located in the “Subscriber Videos” section on the left hand side. and i have upgraded your account to now be able to view the subscriber forums!

it still says i have to buy the subscription to view the videos :frowning:

as long as you are logged in and then navigate to the subscriber videos section you will be able to view the videos.

non subscribers can also see the subscriber videos page so there are details in there for info on how to subscribe. you dont need to pay attention to these if you are already a subscriber! just click on the links for each video