I can´t see ana 2 in pro tools

after the last update when opening pro tools it only showed this
I can’t find the problem

Hi there

Could you please shoot an email at mailto:customerservice@sonicacademy.com and include the followings :

  • Your Operating System Name & Version.
  • The Protools version you’re running.
  • ANA 2 version installed - SD or SA edition ( see below ).
  • Is ANA 2 authorised ? iLOK (SD) or Keyfile (SA).
  • Do you mean PT update or ANA 2 update here ?
  • If ANA 2 update, then what version have you installed and is it for the Slate Digital version or the Sonic Academy version.

Thank you.

I’ve also deleted the 2nd post ( redundant ) on the Logic LPX topic here on the forums.

Thanks for reaching support with the above details, they’ll troubleshoot this further with you from there.

The version I was using was slate digital but when I installed sonic academy it worked

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Thanks for the update :wink:

OK, happy to read it’s now sorted at your end :thumbsup:

Might have been something with previous version of ANA 2 ( Slate Digital edition ), we’re aware of some issues with Protools for some screen size resolution, this was addressed in SA release ANA 2.5

There will be an update to ANA 2.5 for Slate Digital “All Access Pass” subscribers at some point, but there’s still things to do for their skins and a few other things before a V2.5 is made available by them.

Thanks again for your feedback here ! :sunglasses: