I cant get my bass to cut through the mix can you help?

i cant get my bass to cut through the mix can you help?

Need more info mate, ie what kind of bass - Bass guitar, synth bass, bass drum etc

Also what are you using to generate it and what DAW?

As a guess though - have you tried EQing the bass, bumping up the low end.

On the bass guitars on my track I use Waves Rbass (Thanks Phil) to phatten it up a bit.

my daw is ableton suite 8 …my vst is bass station bass synth …ok heres the problem everytime i try and eq it and cut some of the bottom end out it become very weak even if i turn the level up…then i try to add d82 sonic maximizer and its make the bass sound alot warmer but then it muddy up the mix…is this something i can fix?..help i suck at eqing bass and i think if i can learn to clean up my bass my tracks could go to the next level…if you listen to cirez d raptor you will here how clean the bass is…

thanks guys for the help

hi mate,


just a rough one but works for me.

kick /boost 60-80hz  … cut 150-400hz   boost 3000hz ,click is around here

Bass/Cut 60-80hz …boost 120hz-150hz. Boost 900hz .

then i put a high pass with a steep roll off around 30-40 on each .

hope this helps:)


WoW that work wonders thanks guys…should i also stay with the d82 sonic maximizer?

never used it to be honest i use oxford plugins!:slight_smile:

D82 SONIC MAXIMIZER is the tits i find the best place and time to use it is either when you use it on the kick or the bass or very small amounts on the master out, its good on just about anything to be fair but its takes a little fiddling with to find the spot. just don’t stack it on as like all effects stacking on to much will wreck your mix

thanks Jon:D

[quote]never used it to be honest i use oxford plugins[/quote]

The D82 is kind of the same as the Oxford Inflator; a maximiser that increases the volume without affecting dynamics or transients.