I can't play your tutorial videos on any device

I have been trying to play your tutorial videos and I get a message that says,“the player triggered an error”. I have tried playing them on my 2020 MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac and iPad and I get the same message. I was watching the second video on Jaytech’s new series and it just stopped. I haven’t been able to watch since yesterday afternoon. I live in California. My account is paid and up to date. Anyone else having this problem?
Thanks, Rob

Hey there @Some_College

No issue watching tutorials videos on the website here, although I’m located in Europe.
Is this working for you now or do you still have issue ? Might have been a temporary network performances drop down or ISP network. Let us know if you are still having issues.

I figured it out. I tested video playback over my iPhone (cellular data source) and it worked fine. So I knew the problem was on my end at that point. It turned out to be the “advanced security settings” on my new Xfinity WiFi router. It was blocking all Sonic Academy streaming. I turned it off and everything works now.

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OK then, glad to read that you figured this out and that it’s now working.

Thank your for your feedback & update BTW :wink: