I feel handicapped with cubase

Hi, when i watch almost all ableton tutorials theres so much i don’t know how to do in cubase.

For example in the peak time trance tutorial when you had one bass sample and you could move it around on the midi data and it would play different notes even though the note of the sample was completely different. are there anyway to do a similar thing in cubase?

for example if you have a sample in G but play it around with midi data and its gonna change automaticly.

Would you recommend using cubase at all? feels like we can’t do much when u look at what ableton users can do :s

One of the big things missing from cubase is a decent basic sampler. If you check the kvr plugin database there are a bunch of free ones for PC.

If you just want to transpose notes of a whole midi part in cubase you can do it from the inspector on the left.

yes great tip phill also i would like to mention in the top bar there is a tuning menu. and u can just type the transpose for MIDI and Audio files

what bar? and whhat is an inspector menu? xD sorry for being stupid

have you watched the Make Music with Cubase course? it has all the info on the interface etc.