I have a question before purchasing A.N.A 1

Hello guys
I want to buy A.N.A 1.
But, I heard the issue that project files that were worked on version 1.01 or 1.03 cannot be recognized. If I buy A.N.A 1, how can I solve the above problem?
I would really appreciate your reply.

Hey @sung_jin_Han

Not sure to understand your issue very well here, if you purchase A.N.A now you will get the latest version which is v1.05 and the same demo version is on line for quite a long time, so I can’t really see how you would have problems with an older version.

The compatibility issue was only related to the presets of older A.N.A version that v1.05 wont load correctly which may cause problems if you used those older presets in previous projects, but once again, if you start with A.N.A. v1.05 now I can’t really see why you should run into such issue, or maybe you used an older demo version and never try the latest one ??