I just got my first synth!

Hey everyone! I don’t mean to gloat or anything, but today is a good day! I just bought my first synth ever. I just purchased a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08’! Anyone have one of these and what do you think about it? I would like to hear some opinions, good or bad.


I uset to have a Prophet 5 and loved it. I’ve heard the 8 is great. There is a Youtube video from Deadmau5 and he shows his 8, signed by Dave Smith, so yea I’m jealous.

there’s only one problem with that synth… its gonna be in your studio and not mine you big gheyer :stuck_out_tongue:

jealous a bit…are we? :wink:

what gave you that idea???

I say we all ignore howie from now on because he’s a lucky tosser :slight_smile:

If I told you I payed $1200 and that included the Synth and a road carrying case too, would you still call me lucky? :smiley:

Maybe not but I’d still hate you with envy :slight_smile:

Good first synth, mine was the tb303