I just remixed "Plants vs Zombies"

No, it’s not a joke. I remixed “Plants vs Zombies” main theme to be super-epic orchestral stuff with distorted guitars. More like an experiment, but a very serious experiment, to see how a tune can change when you go orchestral, then distorted guitars, then even harmonize your own way without checking what the original chords were.


Main tools used here were Spitfire Audio Originals Strings and Brass plus Native Instruments Electric Sunburst, Drumlab and Kinetic Toys for the melody.

That was fun.

Nice one & quite an interesting result in the end, feeling a lot more cinematic & film scoring like than a game tune, cool track & nice work :wink: :thumbsup:

Thanks! I’m trying to go deeper into this kind of sounds. Next to Synthwave/Synthpop and soundtracks, my favorite music is actually Shoegazer/Dream Pop. Getting Komplete has opened the door to work on the latter ones and I’m totally into that.

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