I made these 3 house tracks using my phone

DJ Zalan - Level

Created with fl studio mobile. The vocal was made with the 32 bit windows version of the emvoice plugin.
DJ Zalan - House Music Will Never Die

Made with the same tools.
DJ Zalan - Stay By My Side

I used fl studio mobile, and for the vocal I used an app which is similar to utau, but works only on android called paint voice.
Btw “Level” and “House Music Will Never Die” are already released on digital stores.

Hey @DJ_Zalan.

You can get a good house groove going especially in ‘Stay by my side’.

The main issue I’d say all of tracks have is at least some issues with tuning, especially apparent with Emvoice vocals in ‘Level’ which for me need reworking better in tune and timing.

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