I moved my DAW project on my hard drive and Kick2 can't pick up the external sounds (absolute path)?

I have a Reaper project with many tracks with Kick 2 on it.
I moved it to a USB drive (for a few reasons) and have been running it from there.
Trouble is, Kick2 cannot pick up the Click1, Click2, Click3 files.

To make this trouble worse is that Click1 filename is too long for the box its displayed it, so I cannot discern the exact filename I need to link back in.

Does Kick2 work on an absolute path, or can it somehow link in the files relatively?

Hi there @TableT

Not sure what was done here, I’m assuming that maybe you’ve imported your own samples into KICK 2 clicks slots ( because you’re mentioning long file names ) and didn’t use the “Save As” option to save your Kick 2 presets before saving your Reaper Project ?

Also not sure if you have specific options to save imported samples with your project when saving a project in Reaper ( like the "Collect all & Save " in Ableton Live i.e ).

Try to look in your user clicks and user presets locations, you can access those locations from KICK 2 pull down menu, and from the browser window, try to look in the respective User folders ( for both clicks & presets ), you should find sub folders in there.

Those are the absolute paths used by KICK 2, but again not sure if you’ll find anything in there if yo didn’t save your presets using “save as” before saving your Reaper Project.

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thanks thats really helpful
My clicks are in various folders.

I did not save the “preset” when I created a new drum preset in Kick2.
I just left Kick2 sitting on the track, as Kick2 remembers its state.

If I create a drum preset in Kick2 and save the preset in user presets, does that save my clicks etc. in the same folder, so Kick2 does not have to look for the clicks then?

Hopefully yes, that’s the way it’s suppose to work.

When you import or drag & drop your own samples into Kick 2 clicks slots, those samples are saved in your User Clicks folder, but then you need to save your preset as well so Kick 2 will load your user clicks matching your user preset.

For long file names, I suggest that you take the time to copy and rename your sample files before importing them into Kick 2 clicks slots.

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my complication is that I am working on two computers and my project is saved on a USB stick… and therefore the click folder is different on each one I guess. : (
Oh well, my problem I guess.

If you have KICK 2 installed on both computers, then the plugin should know where to find your user presets and clicks but you need to copy the files on both computers.

The paths themselves are default locations for any KICK 2 installation and they are absolute paths but if you import your own samples on computer A, Reaper reminds your KICK 2 presets but when trying to load them it won’t be able to load those samples because they don’t exist on computer B.

At least that’s what I’m expecting to be the correct method in such a scenario between 2 computers.

So updating your User presets and Users Clicks folder between both computers should solve this I believe.

Another trick here is to import your samples onto a muted audio track inside Reaper and save them in your project in order to have them available to you between computers, this can apply for other audio resources than your clicks samples by the way.

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