I need help finding chords/the key a song is in to write midi notes over it

Hey so I’m using a filtered down bassline sample from He’s the greatest dancer by sister sledge. I am trying to find out the piano chords from the verse sections of the song to use as notation for a bloody beetroots esque side chained techno organ sound.

Finding in key notation has always been a problem for me as I have a bad ear for matching midi notes with samples. When I used logic pro there was a tool called pitch correction that somewhat accurately told you what notes were being played in a sample. Couldn’t really figure out non major chords with it, only basic single notes and majors.

I know this issue is going to come up a lot for me because I love sampling, so any advice would useful. Also I know it’s sort of another topic but any tips on mixing samples with other samples would be helpful as well.

thanks in advance

you can play audio into melodyne editor, save it as midi, drag it into ableton and put the saved midi file into a midi track. Then just look and you’ll be able to see what key its in, works perfect for me! either that or play it next to a soft synth go through a whole octave till you find the right note hope it helps