I need some ideas for a sexy night in

Alright. My husband is coming home from being gone all summer fighting forest fires. We are moving into a new apartment next week, but he won’t be home until a week after I move in. I want to plan the perfect night for us. I was thinking I could make him dinner and dessert from scratch, have our bedroom ready to put him “in the mood” (candles, flowers, whatever) and then obviously at the end of the night we’re going to get “close.” What I was thinking was to make this the high point of the night, everything else be romantic, but this be the dirty part of our evening. I’m thinking strobe light, “loud” music (like techno or anything to get him turned on) and

a strip tease, and possibly have him tied up for this. Then give him everything he wants. So…I guess what I’m asking for is some ideas for everything from dinner, to music choices, to things I could do to just drive him wild. Yes, I know he’s going to love anything I do for him because we’re in love and he hasn’t seen me in a while…but I want this to be the night of his dreams. So, anything would be appreciated. Thanks you guys!


Yeah, ditch the candles and flowers but invite your hottest friend. That should do it you spam faced ****.

just suck his ****