I need technical Feedback on my songs because i am not improving :(

If you have time, can you give me some technical feedback to my songs because I seem to be stuck at a technical level…I think I use to much reverb and it sounds muddy but when I use less it sounds dry and 1 dimensional


Hi @BenKen181

Are you using a sent reverb channel for your synths and do you filter out the low end before applying the reverb, or do you set up your reverb directly on the instrument channel ( and still with or without low end filtering before the reverb ) ??

A sent reverb effect channel with a compressor and a high-pass filter before the reverb could help to gain clarity and adjusting the amount of reverb for each instrument.

Using delays on some synths could bring more “full track” effect and slight variation to avoid dueling frequencies too.

Next to the reverb, the stereo field of instruments is also a way to “place” them in your track and give it space : the free iZotope Ozone Imager could be a great tool for that Ozone Imager—Free Stereo Imaging Plug-in | iZotope

A side-chain kick on the bass & synths is also a common technique to bring the drums more in the front & make the kick & bass work well together, keeping your main drums & especially your kick in mono as well as the bass could also bring clarity.

Some level & gain staging adjustments could also help, I found the synths a bit loud comparing to your kick & bass.

Hope this could be useful,
Cheers !

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Thank you this is very usefull ! i will try to apply your tipps within my next projekt :slight_smile:

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