I need to learn how to get this sound!

The main synth from this video. I love the sound it gets me amped! Ive posted in the other branches of this forum for help to no avail… Someone help me learn to make this lead

Sounds like portamento, and pitchbending.

i figured out that much… but id more like to recreate the sound initially and the be able to tweak it to my liking afterwards.

It is probably just a pitched super saw … simply just create a Saw with a couple of voices and detune them slightly … assigne a Envelope or LFO and make it controll the pitch! Or if you have a modwheel controller on your midi keyboard just assign it to that one. :slight_smile: Also, it is probably some legato modulation aswell!

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my Guess is a small cabinet simulator on a guitar Amp Plugin… or a comb filter.

maybe both.

what are some good comb filters and guitar amp plugins you would recommend?