I need to revoke my devices on KICK 2

Full disclosure, I am running FL Studio in WINE on Linux. I know it isn’t supported, but I cannot use Windows for work and MacOS is way too restrictive for the work that I do outside of music. Thank you in advance for bearing with me on this!

For some seriously odd reason, both my desktop and laptop have the same device ID and it is not allowing me to have both devices registered.

I got the idea that maybe I could do an offline registration on both devices, I tried to generate a license key in a windows VM, but that didn’t work because obviously it has a different device ID. I would like to revoke my devices so I can try this.

Hi there and welcome to the forums :wink:

  • You can activate KICK 2 on up to 3 different computers you own, that’s the 1st limitation to keep in mind.

  • You can revoke your registered devices from your account if you login and head to your My Account/My Devices area.

  • There’s a limitation of a maximum 2 revokes per month. If you’ve exceeded this limit and can no longer revoke devices ( the revoke button will be greyed out/deactivated ) then it requires a reset from SA end. Let us know if you need this in your reply, thanks :wink: