I need Your Help (Tonight) - Opinions?

hi guys

did this track this weekend. Any feedback would be great :wink:

I Need You Help (Tonight) feat. A’shai-yé by Carnehan

feeeeeeed me seymour! lol

no opinions? :frowning:

not even to tell me it blows? :frowning:

still no opinions? lol

no constructive criticism? just tell me its ****e, id prefer that. :hehe:

i really like your track !!

It is very nice house-music :wink:

which plug ins did you use, i like your synths.

cheers ^^

haha now are you just trying to be nice or being truthful… lol

IF you do genuinely like the track, then thank you!

the main bassline was the oddity with lots of filters messing on it, the “wiggle” on the left is a lfo’d fliter.

apart from that it was just kontakt with my vocal sample i recorded, and the usual one hits. obviously lots and lots of automation.

i agree its very “radio friendly”, i think thats the nicest way to put it. another way would be “vanilla” or “commercial”… well, this was intended and i would be more than be happy to be anywhere near that standard. onward and upward (i hope anyway…)  

anyone got any advice on how they think it could be improved?

I thought the meat sounded really cool but you could prob cut it down a bit like some of that early perc. but still very cool =)

ahh so you think it starts off with abit too much going on.

thanks for the input!