I want to make a Trance/Progressive House collaboration!

Hi guys! My name is Eric, I produce Trance and Progressive House, and would love to try to make a collaboration.

I think it would be fun, and we would be able to learn new techniques and methods from each other and maybe even come out with a great outcome.

I have 2 years of experience (I don’t think I’m good or anything, but I know my way around the DAW and have some tricks up my sleeves)

If you want to check my stuff, here’s a link to the track I am working on (it’s not mastered yet, just a limiter on it, still a work in progress): SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

So if you are interested email just comment on this post, we can then talk about it on discord and maybe do a collab together!

P.S. I use FL Studio 20, but I don’t think that there should be any problems if we use different DAWs

Hey there @ERIX9

Removed your email address from your post since the forums are on public access for reading, so for privacy it’s better not to share it directly within post. Other members can always reply to you and you can then use the “Message” function from your forum’s account to exchange private data :slight_smile:

S.A has got a private Face Book Discussion Group, it might be another good place to ask about collaboration, if you plan to join and do so, please do not upload your Soundclound link directly on you FB post, it might be considered as Self Promotion and removed then, you can upload a link to this topic on the forum instead, just copy/paste this link on your FB post ( without quotes marks )

I want to make a Trance/Progressive House collaboration!

You can request to join S.A FB Group here, be sure to answer the questions so that an admin or moderator could grant you access :slight_smile: