"I will be here" Wolfgang Gartner Remix Stab Synth Sound


Wondering if anyone has an idea how to create the stab synth sound Gartner uses in his remix of Tiesto “I will be here”

Tiësto & Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Radio Edit) - YouTube


yea. theres a preset that actually sounds a lot like this one. its called chicago and its in the first bank of presets that comes with it. just turn the cutoff down. its not a spot on match, but its pretty close

I don’t think its chicago thats a chord stab and isn’t as flexible. It uses oscillator note detune that fixes its tonality.

I think its a classic Pike.

Here you go use this as the basis.


Hit c#3 and e4 to start the riff and take it from there.

play with the cutoff and resonance to suit :smiley:

Nice one Krome.

I created this using it - after I tweaked it a little.

Give me 10mins to load it.




I am not sure you’ve quite nailed the riff just yet.

Also for some reason the sylenth pike i upped isn’t sounding quite

right on your mp3. Maybe someone else can try it and let us know

if its on the right track?

My ears are as tired as I am :smiley: so I’ll hit the sack now but in the morn I’ll

have another listen.

I played around with your preset quite a lot. wasn't trying to get the same riff. used a pattern that I had worked on before.


I made exactly the same in sylenth if you want the preset pm me