i5 and i7 processors for mac

Hi guys

Been looking at a macbook pro for the second time why did i buy a pc again? Anyway, on all pc’s they say that these processors are quadcore but on the mac website and alike it says they are dualcore, multi threading, which i gather to mean virtual cores, am i right or am i totally missing the plot also which do i choose the i5 or i7 cheers people appreciated!

Hi -

I’ve been looking at these myself but decided to wait. The i5 and i7 are both faster than the current duo cores, but the versions on the macbook pros are not quad core yet, despite these types of i5 and i7 processors being available. I think Apple will be bringing out the quad core ones in the next couple of generations of macbook pros, basically to make more money. I love using macs and would never go back to a pc, but in my humble opinion they have gotten as bad as Microsoft now for manipulating the markets. Why wait until the next generations to put in quad core i5 and i7s when they are already available? You can have them fitted into custom made iMacs already - why not just make them standard?

Anyway, rant over! i7 is faster than i5, but as I say, neither as yet offer quad core functionality unless you go for the customised versions. I personally am going to wait. Hope that helps!

actually the quadcore i5s are the older i5s with no hyperthreading and are desktop processors.

cheers for the response! @bobby, what does this mean, in terms of say a macbook pro with an i5 or i7, that these are better thn the quadcore version? if so why, is it to do with th multithreading thing?