Ian Fitzgerald - Trance Tracks - Feedback Please!

A couple of trance tracks im workin on at the min, would like some feedback to take into consideration while im still workin on the tracks as im new to music production.

The tracks are low quilty cos i changed the quality to lower the files size to upload them on2 the site but have just used them for this also.

Ian fitzgerald - First stop:

Ian Fitzgerald - Converse:


Ian Fitzgerald - Enigma:


Thanks for checkin them.

They are also in the user tracks part of the site if u dont want to download them.


Some really good tunage there!

Enigma is the best of them. That´s a keeper. Would definetly put that one in my sets.

The only thing i would do with it is: In the breakdown when the leadsynth kicks in, put a riser or a good old snareroll to get that “hands in the air feeling”. Maybe let the bassline kick in after the first swoosch.

Great job, Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Good work Ian.

As Tobias says you could tweak just a little more and you’ve got a club ready track with Enigma.