Idk what I made, just had fun with it

Back at it again with another track folks! I am not sure what to classify this as but I had a blast working on it. I found a free sample library from spitfires audio site and found some strings which really kick started the whole musical process of the track.

Just found this website and they have amazing free sounds/plugins as well!
These guys are just the definition and pure awesomeness!

I am now experimenting a lot more with M/S eq’ing and processing and flipping between M/S channels constantly and checking correlation meters.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Hey again @andytheyoo

Yep, the Spitfire Labs free instruments are really great, they have now reach 24 instruments and Spitfire Audio delivers very high quality sounds, definitely worth getting this, and amazing this is free BTW.

Not sure either as to where it should fit genre wise, it’s between Melodic Techno and more ambient & cinematic Electronica perhaps.

Nice sounds & arrangement idea in this one, definitely worth to develop it IMO, sounds more like an idea that a full track at the moment. Like very much the mix of classical elements like the piano & violins playing against the bass synth. Maybe the break is loosing too much of this darker layer & feel, just my personal feel when listening.

Nice overall Mix work using M/S Eq’ing and checking back & forth between mono and stereo, that gives you more clarity and control on the Mix and you might end up with something solid that you can push further with saturation and limiting when it comes to master the track IMO.

Nice work :wink:

Cheers !

Hi again as well! @Tekalight

Thanks for the comment! This is definitely a track I will eventually recycle/remix/develop down the line. After discovering those sounds from spitfire I kind of just jumped straight in and wanted to see what I can hash out with the samples.
This little project has broadened my vision on how to look at each individual track/groups while mixing and keeping in mind about the sonic sound space. The learning never stops :slight_smile:

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