Idm type effects free or otherwise

hi, i’m looking for suggestions for some crazy effects for doing stuff kinda like the effects in sasha mongoose, cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Ekko have a look at this vst it,s free and here is a video showing how it works

 <EMBED height=385 type=application/x-shockwave-flash width=480 src=Glitch VST demo video - YouTube allowfullscreen=“true” allowscriptaccess=“always”>

hey thanks man, have this already but the video was really helpful :slight_smile:

Love Sasha. Been listening to him and John Digweed for AGES. Back to the Twilo days. :smiley:

Anywho, I know the track Mongoose pretty well. What kind of “effects” are you talking about?

If it’s what I think you’re talking about, then it’s probably different synths that have been sampled and then thrown around in a weird way. Unless you’re talking about something steady like the bassline in that track or the arpeggiated distorted synth at the end, most of those sounds that pop in and out of the track are just synth sounds run through alot of effects and sampled as “one-shot” samples throughout the track.

Does this answer your question??? If not, perhaps you could tell me the specific sounds.

Matt Busch