If suddenly you were a guy I'd be suddenly gay

Has anyone listened to any Steel Panther yet? Easily my favorite rock band of the moment. Truly the funniest song’s I’ve ever heard, with such classic lines as

“I know you’re hungry, I can see it in your eyes, because you’re looking at me, like I’m a side of fries” from ‘Fat Girl, thar she blows’

“you don’t have to worry that you caught VD, you’ll be screaming my name when you sit down to pee”

“**** Mariah Carey, Death to Cheryl Crowe, they can kiss each other on the Camel Toe” From 'Death to All but Metal.

I highly recommend you go listen to these guys and spread the word of the shocker all across the land!

Lol lol might just check it out. Another to try is “kevin bloody Wilson”