If you had £300 to spend on Equipment

… what would you get?

I just got a new soundcard… focusrite saffire pro only £200 pre amps are amazing.

If i had another few ££ i think id like the APC 40 or the novation launch pad and max for live.

ok maybe i need more like £1000

Hi Phil

I’m new to sonic academy and have yet to try my hand at this whole productionn m’larkey. I’m upgrading all my dj gear and i’ve saved long and hard and have recently come into some extra cash! I’ll be buying the APC40 along with ableton live and a midi keyboard. I like the APC40 because not only can you produce with it but you can also dj so its like having two bits of kit for the price of one. Don’t know about the lauchpad as i will defineately want to turn some knobs (insert joke here) and flip some faders.

I’m seriously considering Komplete 6 as well

i would buy me a real Moog Synth  :slight_smile: !

I really feel personally the days of hardware synths are gone… i used to have a bunch and it was so hard to effectively integrate them into a my setup… i got rid and went digital… at the time it was a mistake tho my computer just couldn’t handle them.

hmmm that would be a tough one, I really want the new DJM 2000 but i’d need another £1500 on top of that to pay for it lol.

If £300’s my cap then i’d prob go for the APC40 as still to add that to my collection! Although i’d still need another £50 haha, I can’t win with this one i’m afraid! :smiley:

[quote]alinenunez (15/03/2010)[hr]i would buy me a real Moog Synth :slight_smile: ![/quote]

You cant get a real Moog for 300 pounds. Not even second hand.

[quote]howiegroove (16/03/2010)[hr][quote]alinenunez (15/03/2010)[hr]i would buy me a real Moog Synth :slight_smile: ![/quote]

You cant get a real Moog for 300 pounds. Not even second hand.[/quote]

i tought the Threat was how to spend 3000. lol


I would buy some studio monitors and hang the headphones up for good!! =(

Funny this should come up as i just spent just over £300 on three bits, a pair of shure srh 440’s headphones, a yamaha audiogram 3 usb interface and i also pre ordered a akai apc 20

All bits i could do without at home but things needed for my college course if i had it again and was not doing my course i would more than likey spend it on 2 one on one tutorials with Dom Sweeten or Dave Owens seeing as it’s going to be a while till we get a hardhouse tutorial here:cool:

good set of monitors or headphones

ive tried these at my pals - Sennheiser HD650

they are very accurate, i wish i had got them rather than my krk’s

Id wrangle for a few more quid and go with apc man all day long!:slight_smile:

I’d probably see if I could get a banged up Rhodes piano for that and set about fixing it up as a project.

Or maybe get the components for a xoxbox and build one of those if the budget permitted.

In reality if I had 300quid I’d probably spend it on lapdances :slight_smile:

lol good idea !:slight_smile:

i have about £400 to spend on monitors, As there is a wealth of experience here what would be the best for a home studio?:cool:.

I bought Max for Live a short while back and wish I had the time to learn it properly. That said, it is worth the money just for the patches being released already via the community websites - maybe you could do a series on it once you buy it Phil, eh? :D:D

Anyway, I’d probably get NI’s Komplete with mine.

I would buy a bigger desk and a more a nice leather chair! My £39.99 desk chair combi from argos does not make my bedroom studio the most comfortable in the world

How about an Xbox 360 / PS3 or even putting it towards the new IPad?? :cool:

I should in all honesty sell my xbox again… im totally addicted to fifa 10 and battlefield BC2.

Ipad is defo on my list but im disguising that as a present for my girlfriend… although she will prob love it and ill never get a go.

The iPad is ****e gentlemen. It’s running iPhone OS 3.2 and doesn’t do multitasking or anything. It’s literally a GIANT iPhone without the phone. Thing super huge iPod Touch. I’m an engineer and have been playing with the iPad for about a week now and I have to say, this is the product that will prove that ppl will buy anything that has an Apple logo on it. IMHO, unless you’re an applications engineer and plan on making this thing into a giant Lemur, don’t even bother. FYI, making it into a giant lemur is going to be difficult too as it doesn’t do multitouch the same as the lemur does. Your best bet for something like this is going to be getting MAX for Live and using the multitouch patch that’s been made, and then programming your own touch sensitive lcd panel. Now that’s how your 300 quid should go… Buy the iPad if you want though, my stock will go up! :slight_smile:


i’d go for the launch pad and something else i do like the apc but unless you have a major need for the faders then the launch pad is just as cool to use but only costs around £140, spend another £97 on Uhbik, £60 at the pub and £3 for the bus home