If you sign a contract with a label but they havnt released it how do you get out of it?

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem,
I have had two of my tracks signed on two seperate labels, my issue is, one track has been signed with them for 4 months without a released date in sight, Ive emailed them and they reply saying that they are really busy but will be coming out in the next few weeks, I wait then still nothing…
Another label I have signed a contract with hasnt released the track and I have emailed them and have never had replies back. Can I just go out there and try and get the tracks signed to other labels or do I wait it out and hope for the best?
Has anyone had similar issues. They are hardly big hitters of tracks but it would have been nice to have them out there since the labels have signed them, I also had other labels that wanted them that I had to decline.


I never encountered such situation. Generally speaking, the A&R Team should tell you the release date clearly. Besides if they have to release earlier or later they have to inform you at the time.
Anyway… if you already signed a contract with one label, I don’t think you can sign the track to another. That’s illegal and you should relieve the contract immediately.

But please remind words above are just my personal suggestions, please also consider the opinions of others.

Best wishes for your track!

usually there is an expiry time on the contract

I have a track signed to a label for 7 years now and never got released. but the term just ended this year

Also, you should have a release clause in contracts, so if the label doesn’t release the track within an agreed timeframe all rights revert back to yourself. This is usually around 9 months, but can be extended by mutual consent if needs be