If you've changed your forum username

I’ve just had some issues logging in, Bryans let me know the following:

You cannot change your forum username – it will disconnect the login from your site username!

So i’d advise to all change your username back to what it was before, before you also get problems.

I’ve got a problem!

YOU!! :stuck_out_tongue:


testtesttesttest testtesttesttest testtesttesttest testtesttesttest Break testtesttesttest testtesttesttest:D:P:):cool:

mine shut me out completely last time i cave in to peer presure.

Spoil Sports.

Mine still let me view videos etc with the new log in name, and I just changed it back to the original one and still seems fine. Guess I’m just special though :smiley:

Only Nonces change their names back before tomorrow.

You, You, You, You - AND YOU. You all know who you are :w00t:

Sorry I bottled it

You are on The List Mussi :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL - I’m hardcore :cool:

Dont know about you Guys… But I’ve been spending the last couple of days wondering if other people changed their names - or if it was just their normal name.

Some pretty FKN wierd usernames out there!

Maybe we should have a name & shame! LOL :smiley: