I'm lost

I’ve been a long time subscriber and unfortunately haven’t been taking advantage of the website much. I want to turn that around and I hope I can get some help here!br
I want to create dance music, but after I finish the beginner tutorials I’m at a loss on what to learn next. I have a decent understanding of Music Theory, I have Massive and ANA Synth as my synths.br
I know there are tutorials for different styles of music but I don’t know how to classify the type I want to create and like.br
(not all mixed together of course, but I like these individually)br
Calvin Harris br
David Guettabr
Flux Pavilionbr
Just in case it matters my software:br
Ableton Live 9, Logic Xbr
ANA Synth, Massivebr
Any help so I can get crackin on these videos and learn to create dance will be appreciated!

That’s just general popular EDM. Almost popmusic your after. There’s a lot of that on here.br
Also a lot on that kind of sound on youtube in general.