I'm new to this site. But making music since a year

Would be very nice if you would give some comments.

all tracks are made in say somewhere between 2 and 5 hours.

im too lazy to fiddle longer with them.

but if you would tell me what you hear that could be better(wow i think that must be alot) i would give them another try.

otherwise i’d just do new ones as always.

many greetings,


i think your tracks sound good, cant really comment on the prodigy as i havent really listened to them since fat of the land, i quite like the vocal track, i think its my favourite :slight_smile: im really rubbish at giving constructive criticism, all i can really say is just keep trying to get better, keep learning and maybe someday you’ll write something ace :wink:

thx alot for your comment.

have you read what i wrote in your thread lately?