Importing Sample Packs into Ableton

New to Ableton after many yrs as a Logic user, got a bunch of your packs but the procedure to install them into Ableton is a bit different then Logic, tried to follow the pdf included in each pack but just can’t seem to figure it out.
I need some help, tips on how to get them into Ableton so I can play them the same way I did in Logic’s EX24 as a midi instr.

I got the Ableton Suite so either drumrack or sampler will work for me.

How do I go about getting this done?

Hi there,

So yep, there’s different ways to go about this inside Live, depending what result you’re after.

  • You can of course Drag & Drop audio files onto Audio Channels like you would do in Logic.

  • When it comes to use audio samples with Live’s devices, you have several options :

Simpler ( for One Shot Samples and audio Loops ).
Drum Rack ( Mostly used to load One Shots and create Drums Kits but you can do a lot more ).
Impulse ( Somehow similar as a Drum Rack but with less options and slots ).
Sampler ( that would be the one more like Logic EX24 and to use for Multi-Sampling ).

You can also go a lot more complex than this and setup “nested” devices ( i.e : using a Sampler device inside a Drum Rack device slot )

Those help articles on Ableton website might be useful :

How To: Multisampling with Sampler

How to create Round-Robin sample playback

Ableton Live “Simpler” device is covered in this SA course here : Ableton Live 10 Simpler with P-LASK

On a more general note about Live, I highly recommend to watch those Live 11 courses from Plask :

Ableton Live 11 Beginner Level 1

Ableton Live 11 Beginner Level 2

Hope this helps !

Cheers :wink:

Thanks so much.

But I was more interested in the Ableton-file that is specified in the PDF with the install instructions that comes with each pack, how do you use that, what is it for, I thought it was for being able to play the samples in midi like you do in the EXS24 but in drumrack instead?

Am I misunderstanding what that file is for?

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