Improving the site
I feel the need of adding services for the
I would love to bookmark videos i want to watch or videos i am watching for easier access. Youtube is free for public and this is a payservice, soo i expect to be able to bookmark favorites. Youtube has it. I would love this feature. I love the tutorials and thats why i pay to watch them. Also got my friend to join. Soo if anybody else would love some improvemtents like this please comment… if its only me then i understand its good at it is. However please write a comment

Good idea. Also, is it possible for your servers to remember what videos were watched last and at what point they were paused (e.g. in the middle of watching something)? That way we can come back at the point we left off later on. I know MacPro Video does this so it’s technically possible in general but I have no idea if it is so within your system here.


yeah would be create to pause and when comming online again whatching next time i end up right where i left. Good idea of you(Y)