Improvisator in cuabse SX

How Do i get Nexus working with improvisator in cuabse SX ? I just stepped out of FL studio last week and moved into the “Cubase world” For some strange reason I mix better in Cubase then i do in FL studio ? My problem is Getting the Improvisator vst to work in Cubase - I press the MIDI and nothing From NExus comes out. I used Send on Improvisator to Nexus but no go on that . HELP ?

does improvisator show up on the nexus midi input?

Yup But when I selected it I hear nothing from Nexus now


K I got it working but I cant use my MIDI Keyboard on that Vst ? Thanks for your help :smiley:


Drum loops that sound very basic but sound like pro Loops Why is it that I can’t get any drums - Single hits to sound pro like in a created drum loop of my own ? Its not the rhythm I have problems with its the MIX of the Drum loop . I did the Cuebase Videos today and when I loaded up that Drum loop Phil put in there it sounds MINT&CRISP !

I also Seem to have a few problems in cubase when making bongos on the FLY - I play the Loop and record my bongos but when I play back the loop it sounds nothing like it . Drum and bass Snares I can do on the fly but when I play back the loop its sounds off . !!! I know Im hitting the notes on time - Using ( Maudio410 ) for my sound card

It could be a few things… a lot of “Pro” loops you get are off records that have been mastered so there is probably reverb and other FX all compressed EQed and limited… then all resampled back in to Cubase or whatever.

you could try building up your loops and adding mastering then exporting them as an audio file. Its a good way to build up your own library of samples.

So the way most do it is - Make a simple beat then add a loop around it , to create a whole new feel of your own ? Someone told me I should make my own loops but since IM new to this is there really a wrong/cheated way to create a track ?

I got the new EDIROL midi keyboard and Found the Cubase sx setup for it - I open up cubase but nothing moves on the Dials ? Can you make a video on how to set up MIDI controller in Cubase ? SOrry for all the questions