Impulse & volume controls

I know this question may sound trivial and elementary however understanding HOW things are being process to get the “end result” helps me build a process for how I want to go about maintaining my work flow.

So when loading an impulse instrument, you have the volume control that monitors the actual sample volume (located between the Pan & Time knobs)

Then there is the actual impulse instrument volume knob at the top right corner

Then you have the volume control on the mixer for the overall sound.

Is there a work flow or process on the progression of which volume settings to adjust?

If I were to make a simple beat with a kick, snare, and hat, what would be the progression of adjusting the volume levels to create a “drum” section?

This takes some playing with but you will get it for sure! Practice makes perfect.

I will say everybody has a different way that they work... but i will pass along what I learned at SA.

Here's what I do....

When you are starting on your drums, keep your master mixer volume where it is.

When you have your drum samples in impulse, you should lower the volume in impulse first..

Doing this helps you work with the sounds at reasonable levels while you are building your main drum beats. You really just have to kinda play with each sound until you think it sounds right. There is no set standard for each part because all samples are different. Once you start to practice this (and I mean a lot) you will get the feel for it quicker.

After that and you have your drum beats setup, then you can play with the master mixer channel. I usually bring it down a little for when I make the bass line and then finish the process later when I start doing mix downs.

hope that helps.

thanks for the info! Makes much more sense now!