In depth subtractive synthesis its about f@rking time!

Hey guys just wondering if sonic academy will ever throw up a in depth tutorial about subtractive syntheses.
i have been programming subtractive  synths for a while now and have no problems programming simple bass pad &lead sounds but what i and i belive many people on this forum is how to create unwordly original sounds. some examples of this are:-
Veracocha - carte blanch (LEAD SOUND)
Jochen Miller - brace yourself (LEAD)
MR PIT - DELUXE (bassline)


richard durand Weep (STAB LEAD AFTER THE BREAK)

I personally belive every one will benefit form these tutorials becasue having your own sound signature is what Electronic music About and if you listen to any top Producer u instantlly recognise this.

I’ve been asking for this for a while now on another thread but haven’t yet received a yay or a nay from SA (hey - that rhymes!). I’d LOVE to see a full course produced on this, only I’d also like to see it develop into how to control other kinds of synthesis (FM, additive, ensemble etc) so users can, as you say above, forge their own signature sounds.

I think the guys of SA alredy said they were working on one i think !!