Include full wav render in download pack - for A/B reference

Hi there,

I’ve just followed along with the Bjorn 138 tutorial and am now at the final stages.

I’d like to be able to use the original version as a reference track, for example in SampleMagic’s A/B plugin. I can extract the wave from part 1 of the video but it’s probably compressed, has the first few bars cut off, and was vocal overlay. The timing difference is the most annoying aspect - I’ve had to add some empty space to the beginning of the file to get the track to line up with my full length version.

For real hands on learning it’s an important aspect to be able to compare the finished result with the tutor.

It would be great to see a version of the final track included for reference. (If you’re worried about copyright infringement, just include a sonic academy jingle at the beginning.)

This would be a great addition.

Can it be considered please?

Hey @tobypearce will keep this in mind for future release, however, there should be no timing difference between the play through audio and yours. That is strange - also no compression over the final audio either.