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Looking for a production toolkit that covers the full spectrum of Berlin’s most influential and infamous club scene?

Need the studio tools to help you craft a sense of deep, trippy introspection that taps into dark and brooding moods?

Sample Tools by Cr2 are proud to present Industrial Techno.

I very rarely purchase sample packs. When I do it’s to use the drum loops as starters to write over and then I’ll go back and lay my own drums. All of the “loops” in this pack have second long tails on the end of them, which make them impossible to loop without manipulating them (thus impossible for my purposes.) I’m wondering, is there a reason why these loops are made in such a way that you cannot actually loop them? I believe there must be I’m just not aware of it.

Hey there @treysuttle

First thing first, Sonic Academy is just acting as a reseller here, it’s a 3rd party sample pack, not one from S.A so for more details you should query the pack issuer, in this case CR2, you should find a read-me file in this pack with contact information, but anyway it’s generally not possible to get a refund when it comes to digital audio downloads, that’s the usual policy because it’s not like a physical good that you can return to the manufacturer, you own the content upon download.

That said, CR2 makes high quality sample packs, I don’t own this one but I bought a few packs from them and I’m very happy with the quality. The tail you’re talking about is probably due to the genre, especially with drums & kicks loops, in Techno & even more Industrial Techno, there’s a heavy rumble effect on the kicks & drums, that’s a very specific distinction for this genre. Since there’s construction kits in this pack, those loops are probably heavily processed and production ready.

To make them fir your needs, you can warp them or chop them depending of your DAW tools, use different loop points or isolate sounds and even use a gate effect and rework your own loops. IMO, it’s always a good habit to make your own loops out of those packs, it can be very creative and you’ll end up with something different than all people who bought the same pack and used it as it is. But again after listening to the demo and taking a look at the content description, I really think it’s because of the genre, CR2 does great stuffs :wink:

Hope this helps :wink:

Hi Tekalight,

Thanks for the response! I definitely do not want a refund :slight_smile: The samples are very high quality and there is quite a lot of content. I did really feel like I was missing something and you helped to explain that. I’m aware of the rumble, I didn’t think about that within the context of a pre-made loop. Most sample packs I’ve had, the loops one just throws in and loops.

Thanks again - I knew I was missing something and you helped put that into context for him. I’ve already been able to put the samples into my work flow and finding them quite enjoyable.

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