Ingroso project wont open, "failed to load"?

Anyone else have this problem? Install ok but when opening, says “failed to load.” Crashes Live, cant close this message box and have to 3 key it to close.

Any idea’s? Using live 7.0.3 thanks

I think the message ‘Failed to load’ is refering to the VST’s. If you dont have the VST’s used in the project it cant load them up and usually displays the message ‘Failed to load VST’ you can usually just bypass this by clicking cancell and it will load the project up.

Some of the tracks may not function as they should because of the missing VST’S but you can always replace these with similar ones.

Hope this makes sense.

i would suggest updating to the latest version of live and reloading the project

let me know if this still doesn’t work after doing the above



I have the same problem.

When I open the file “ingroso.als” Live crash.

Live is up to date and crash without proposing any options or without displaying any messages.

Any suggestions?

can you tell me what version of Live you are running?