Innercity Good life remix, thoughts?

Hi all,br
This is still work in progress on my behalf i have until july the 8th to submit, but i would just like to no what you’s think?br
I must say that i still think some of the vocals towards the end sound dodgy to me,br
not sure on it all to be honest ha!br
also i don’t think your ever going to top the original like, peacebr
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Loving that growling bassline but totally agree on the vocals, they dont seem to quite fit with that melody. Not sure if its either the timing and the way it sits or if it just doesnt fit with the melody musically. The stabs sound great though.

Yeah I dont mean to be harsh but the vocals are way off :confused:

Thank for you comments much appreciated, i was thinking that my self just need someone elses ears to tell me it too! I will try and sort it out :slight_smile: