Hey team SA,

I find myself on days having very little or no inspiration, or on other days struggling to come up with good new ideas.

Other days randomly i’m on fire.

What do you do to help bring out ideas and inspiration, especially on those days where your minds turning out a blank?

I try to write a track or clip based on my mood. Even if it doesn’t fit what I’m working on. I’ll tool something out thats in my head and save it for later. Like yesterday when I was getting all bent outta shape over nothing, I wrote a little D n B diddy. :wink: I will say though, I know exactly what you are talking about. There’s been several days where I feel like being super productive with music and I don’t know where to start. Then there’s other days where I’ll sit down with the intent to get the drums down, and two hours later I’ve got damn near a full track! What gives! The human brain is a whacky *** thing…


i think if you sit down at the computer to write a track chances are your not gonna, its all about the pressure you’re putting on your self. just set out to enjoy yourself and learn something new if you make a new track along the way then bonus

I watch porn :slight_smile:

What I actually do is listen to other tracks and try to re-create parts to see what comes of that and also go through the recordings on my phone I make whenever an idea hits me. Once you get over the embarrassment of hearing yourself singing or “do do daaah daaah” ing your ideas into your phone I find it fun to try to make the ideas happen.

If nothing is flowing though I generally walk away, hit forums or browse the hardware sites for studio gear I’ll never be able to afford… rather then get all pissed off I’m not being creative.