Inspired by an old Main Room House Tutorial

Oh it’s loud and grimy! Organizing some files and found an old Logic Pro 9 Template from a Sonic Academy Tutorial; got inspired by it and decided to remix it.

Anyhow, Looking for some feedback, I have over a 100 unfinished Logic Projects, my goal is to eventually finish them all out. Why? Just because I like it, should I post more of these, what should I do better?

A special thanks goes out to Bryan Spence! The original source tutorial is here:

Hi @LogicProHacks or should I say Bryan :wink:

Oh man, took me 3 listening and spending some time on your YT channel to get around this one :smile:
When I finally saw your mouse pointer waving to the groove by the last bars of the track in the video I finally got your trip between the original, The Prodigy & Euphoric Acid Anthems House…

Fun eclectic piece I have to say :sunglasses:

Though I have to admit it’s not my cup of tea ( genre speaking ) that was a special listening experience. Next to the genre it’s a very decent mix, I just found quite a lot of saturation when cranking up the volume but it’s well balanced.

Cheers & hello to J. Q. & S. :smile_cat: :smiley_cat: :smirk_cat:

Well, since you’re an accomplished Logic user, you will only get little feedback here ( and mainly my voice :smile: )
because I would listen and try to give my 2cts feedback, but If you browse through the “Track Feedback” category, you’ll find that users & subscribers are not always very active on the topic :cry:

Thank you so much for insight and actually taking the time to listen! I have to admit EDM / House Music is not really my strong point, heck, I didn’t even know this was a remix of another remix LOL! That’s how clueless I am with the House genre. I guess you could say my favorite ‘cup of tea’ :wink: is: Seven Lions, Night Wish, Metallica, Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling, and a bunch of classical music from Beethoven to Rachmaninoff, but my favorite is Seven Lions, just love what he produces.

I’m also my own worst critic. Truth be told, I kind of find this remix to be boring / stale on some parts and I agree the saturation levels are bit too much. I realize now that I compressed it too much. Also, I did not have time to really work the vocals, I feel they need a lot of help, I found the samples were a little rough and sometime piercing to my ears, that’s why I EQ’ed, the highs out the vocals. Then again it was something I did in about a days worth of work. That’s always the part I struggle with in creating a good mix, is to keep it interesting, and not over-compress. Thanks again.

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It’s good to have a colorful palette when it comes to music listening, I see music as the first art directly connected to our emotions & amplifying them, prior to painting or others things, and yes Seven Lions is really great when it comes to deep ambient music & vocals. I will add Portishead & Clannad to that list :sunglasses:

Cheers !

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If you use a High Pass filter to roll off the unwanted low end frequency range and fine EQ the highs ( subtractive equing ) or/and use a de-esser to reduce the harsh freq. in the high range of the spectrum and send those vocals to a chorus and a reverb ( especially a spring-reverb) it could do a lot I think.

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