Instrument racks

was out at the weekend and was talking to a mate who’s live set’ was really cool but the drums sounded pretty much the same all the way through his set as in the same sounds but different rhythms .

when i asked him if he ever used instrument racks chain parameter to change the instance of his drum module and therefore the samples he said he didn’t know wtf i was on about which made me think ?

how many of you guys who play live use this function to change things up throughout your set or do you just use the same drums ??:slight_smile: .

Was really interested in this thread a while ago and was hoping for some discussion but nothing happened :frowning:

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Just wanted to know do you replace kicks from other tracks when you do a set or are you referring to live sets where you are producing beats on the go?

I really need to start to learn DJing and probably even better Live PA’ing (I know it doesnt make sense!) more now, wouldnt mind doing sets for small things by the end of 2012.